Why Brand Should Focus on These Influencer Marketing Goals in 2021

As a brand, what goals are you planning to achieve in 2021? It could either be increasing market share, brand awareness, brand reputation, or increase sales in a given location.

To achieve these goals, you have to market your product in a way that entices people to purchase it. There is no better way to organically boost sales quickly with proven results than using the power of influencer marketing.

Influencers are online guides, role models, and peers to everyone active online. People trust them and look up to them as a friend. Their recommendations are taken seriously- a great opportunity for marketers. Influencer marketing is, in essence, word-of-mouth marketing on steroids, helping brands reach their marketing goals in the shortest possible time with the recommendations of these influencers.

When it comes to influencer marketing, you have to focus on certain goals to make your influencer marketing campaign a success.

Five influencer marketing goals to focus on

  1. Brand Awareness

 If you have to choose between two shirts- a well-known branded shirt versus a shirt with a brand you haven’t heard of before, which one will you choose? Most would go with the branded one, even if it is slightly heavier on the pocket. People trust known brands and do not mind spending a little extra on their products. No matter how old or known a brand you are, if people aren’t aware of you, you aren’t getting conversions. It’s as simple as that.

How do you achieve this? Here is where the role of the influencer is crucial.

You have to choose an influencer who has a loyal and engaged following, his posts should be interesting enough to get a decent amount of engagements (likes, shares, and comments) for increasing brand awareness.

Then comes the challenging part- finding the right influencer.

Many people consider themselves ‘influencers’ but only a few can actually help you reach your influencer marketing goals. There are many out there who follow unfair means to jack up the number of their followers for getting lucrative influencer contracts.

If you want to find the right influencer, you need someone actively engaged with his followers. This shows how committed the influencer is to engage and post informative and interactive content that actually helps increase organic followers. Even if the followers are a little less than expected, you could hire a host of influencers with an engaged organic following that can help to increase brand awareness amongst the target audience.

Here are some of the ways you can increase brand awareness via influencers-

Brand mentions- If you are a new brand or an unknown brand in a certain region, you could get an influencer to introduce the brand to your targeted followers.

Product Reviews- Genuine product reviews by influencers, which do not sound like a sales pitch are appreciated by everyone. This can help increase sales as the followers consider these reviews as a genuine recommendation by a peer or friend.

Giveaways/Contests- You could collaborate with your influencer to host a giveaway or contest that interests your target audience. For example, you could give away a free shirt when the follower tags and shares the post the most times.

  1. Traffic

A great way to increase sales is to get relevant traffic to your website. Some brands went from zero to 100,000 unique views and organic sales conversions just by making the right moves to increase website traffic.

You can do this with the help of-

Sponsored blog posts- You could get high authority bloggers to write content featuring your brand. This can be a great way to increase traffic and enhance brand visibility.

Guest posts- To increase website traffic, you can write guest posts and submit them to high authority websites. This helps drive relevant traffic to the website.

Sponsored social media posts- You could get local bloggers and influencers to post about your products with a link to your website. This can garner interest amongst your target audience, helping to increase traffic.

  1. Sales and Lead Generation

Every businesses’ main goal is to increase sales and leads. You cannot just rely on social media shout-outs or product reviews. Here are a few strategies you can use to increase conversions-

Affiliate marketing- One-time sponsored posts may not work well all the time. To increase sales, you offer a discount for all products when the customer uses a promo code. Making your influencer an affiliate marketer can also work wonders and motivate them to increase sales.

Hiring more than one influencer- Influencers work within a specific niche. If your brand is relatively new, it makes sense to hire a host of influencers to post sponsored content that is consistent with a single message. This helps to broaden the reach for sales.

  1. Social media followers and Engagement

Just increasing website traffic may not work. What also matters is organically growing the number of social media followers and engaging with them. To do this, you have to leverage your influencer’s online followers to follow your brand too. Here’s how to do it-

Influencer takeovers- You can let one of your influencers take over your social media handles. This can help to bring a fresh perspective to your brand while also helping you to increase social media followers via your influencer. Make sure you get this done by an influencer you worked with before and that there is an element of trust between you and your influencer.

Brand ambassadors- Instead of using celebrities as brand ambassadors, you can make your influencer a brand ambassador who will help you to market your brand well for the long term.

  1. Reputation

Increasing market share isn’t enough. You have to earn a good reputation from your customers. This is possible with long-term partnerships with relevant influencers. The influencer works hard to build trust amongst his followers. This trust percolates to your brand when the influencer suggests your products. To help increase reputation, many brands hold events for the influencers. The influencers are encouraged to post about the event, thereby increasing trust.

Sometimes, to initiate a new influencer campaign, brands gift their products to their influencers for their unbiased reviews. This can also help to increase sales and brand reputation.

Summing it up

Whatever your brands’ goals are, you can achieve them by carefully planning an influencer marketing strategy. In 2021, getting hold of the right influencer is tougher than ever, as influencer marketing becomes a multi-billion dollar industry. If you are looking to find the right influencer, an influencer marketplace like quikplace.io is what you are looking for.

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