What Is YouTube Premium? Everything You Need to Know

In this article, you will know the YouTube premium membership and also its subscription details with the deactivation process and its features..

Ready to know about the Premium membership and its various features? Without any delay, let’s get into the content.

Does YouTube TV include YouTube premium?

YouTube is one of the online streaming platforms. It is used by people all around the world. You need a subscription to watch channels. But only YouTube premium users can get these advantages.

By subscribing to YouTube premium, you will get unlimited access to YouTube. Get the YouTube music without ad interruption. No, YouTube doesn’t include YouTube premium membership.

Features of YouTube premium

YouTube Premium offers you various advantages which lack subscription-free YouTube.

      You can save videos for offline viewing later. This will make your journey home much more enjoyable.

      YouTube Originals is exclusive content featuring celebrities that can be viewed through YouTube Premium.

      YouTube Premium subscribers also have access to YouTube Music Premium. This is one of the most valuable features of the membership. YouTube Music allows you to stream an extensive library of music, similar to Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. You can also create stations and explore new music. YouTube Music can search for the song you are looking for and then send you to YouTube Music to play it.

      It offers you access to YouTube music without ad interruptions.

      You can also watch videos offline

      Watch your premium content without ad interruption

       You can share the membership with 5 members of your household

       You can have pictures in picture mode.

Subscription details

You can get a YouTube premium of $11.99/month. You can also have a trial period for YouTube premium. If you are satisfied with the service you can subscribe premium. Watch unlimited originals TV shows, movies, and ad-free music too.

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How to activate the Premium membership?

You can get the various features. They are ad-free videos, download the app, and also play the videos in the background. To get these features. You should get a YouTube premium. Follow the instructions to activate YouTube Premium on your device.

       To sign up for YouTube premium, Visit youtube.com/premium

       If you are a new user you will see offers for a free trial period of 3 months.

       On clicking get YouTube premium you will see two options

       You can get the premium for a month or 3 months.

       Choose the plan you are okay with.

       Then you can pay by any payment method.

       Enjoy watching YouTube premium.

Deactivation process

YouTube premium deactivation is a pretty simple process. Follow the steps to deactivate the membership.

       Visit the official website of YouTube on your desktop or mobile.

       Click the profile icon and search for paid memberships

       There you will find the YouTube premium membership option

       Click cancel membership

       You are all done with the process now.


What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube premium?

YouTube and YouTube premium are simply different by their cost and its features. YouTube is free of cost. A premium, the plan needs a subscription of $11.99/month. Premium subscription gives you various features,

       Access to the original content

       Ad-free music is also available

       The offline downloading facility

       5 users can use simultaneously

       Picture in picture mode too.

Are movies free on YouTube premium?

Yes, you can watch various original movies at a premium on subscribing to the premium membership. You can also get extra features by paying $9.99/month.

Are there any good free movies on YouTube?

Yeah, you can watch some movies free of cost on YouTube.

What does YouTube TV include?

YouTube includes various local TV channels like ESPN, ABC, FOX, NBC, etc. But certain channels need to be subscribed to watch your favorite TV Shows and Movies. Get the premium membership to avail unlimited access to the originals.

Which is better: Hulu or YouTube TV?

On comparing Hulu and YouTube TV, Youtube offers a good DVR facility. On Hulu, there are only 50 hours of DVR, but on YouTube TV you will have unlimited DVR.

To Conclude

In this article, I have mentioned the difference between YouTube and YouTube premium. Also, the various features of the YouTube premium subscription have been suggested in this article. Premium membership activation and deactivation are also included. Hope this article is helpful for you.

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