Top 5 EHR for Dermatology Pratices In Digital Health

Why You Need an EHR for your Dermatology Practice

If you are a dermatology practice then you probably are in search of an EHR software which caters to the specific needs of your practice. With this software, you are able to simplify the processes of your practice considerably and make things a lot easier for both you and your patients. These days EHR software are required by law at every medical practice but this does not mean you should opt for any old software you find. If you are a dermatology practice then you need to employ a software which caters to the needs of your specialization in particular. In this piece, we will be addressing this concern. We will outline the features on various dermatology EHR from Ezderm to Aesthetics Pro; to help you come to a conclusion about which software is the right fit for you. 


If you want to know which EHR software might be the right fit for you then keep reading our piece to learn more. 

Best Dermatology EHR Software

AllMeds EHR

The first software in our list is AllMeds EHR, this software has a lot of wonderful features which are perfect for a dermatology practice. The e-prescriptions feature allows you to make things so much easier since your prescription making process is taken entirely online as a result. This means you are able to make prescriptions online so that your patients can simply go and pick the prescription up from the pharmacy directly instead of having to come to your practice to pick up the prescription paper. The claims feature in this software also makes things so much easier for you in terms of filing claims. The feature automates a majority of the claims filing task which means that you are able to reduce the number of mistakes made when filing and claim and also reducing the amount of time it takes to make the claim as well which in turn will help you to get your claim reimbursed much sooner than before. 

Amazing Charts EHR

The Amazing Charts EHR is an amazing option for your medical practice too. This software also has a ton of features which you will appreciate. The patient notes feature in this software allows you to make notes in no time at all. Reducing the time it takes for you to make patient notes means that you are able to reduce the time per appointment, leading you to be able to accommodate more patients per day. The clinical diagnosis feature in this software helps you to make more accurate diagnosis because the feature suggests possible diagnosis on its own when you input certain symptoms and hence makes your job so much easier than it would have been otherwise. 

Aesthetics Pro

The scheduling feature in Aesthetics Pro is wonderful. This is because the feature essentially enables you to schedule as many appointments in a day as possible hence allowing you to optimize your daily schedule considerably. This means you will be able to accommodate more patients per day which in turn will help you increase your revenue as well. The encryption features in this software are also great. This is because the feature helps you keep all patient data and any communication with your patient as safe as possible. As a doctor you need to be sure that your patient’s data is always protected and with this software you will always be able to do so. 

Ezderm EHR

Ezderm is another major software on our list which is often preferred by a lot of dermatologists. This software has a great to-do list feature which means you are able to keep all your daily tasks and schedule in front of you for better access. This helps you make things so much easier for your needs overall. With the help of Ezderm EHR you are able to stay on track with what needs to be done and increase efficiency for your practice. The software also has a helpful billing feature which makes things simple for both you and your patients. With Ezderm your bills are somewhat automated which leads to a reduction in the number of mistakes that you might otherwise make. This means your bills are correct and are more likely to be reimbursed by your patients as a result. Hence with Ezderm you can essentially improve the finances of your practice as well!

Cerner EHR

After Ezderm we want to finally tell you about Cerner EHR. This is a very popular EHR software across the board including for dermatology. The software has a patient portal feature which essentially makes everything so much easier for you as a practitioner. The patient portal feature allows patients to access a login page which leads them to their profile at your practice. Through this portal patients can schedule their own appointments and hence free you of the responsibility of doing small administrative tasks. The patient portal feature also helps you to educate your patients about their condition or treatment through educational material available on the software. All in all, this is a really helpful feature which allows you to save a lot of time. 

So Which EHR Should you Invest in?

We suggest you look at all the features in the software we have mentioned above and choose whichever software you think will fit your needs best. Whichever software you happen to shortlist, we highly recommend that you reach out to the vendor for a trial or a demo of that software. For example, with Ezderm, you should request a trial of that software to figure out whether or not it will be the right fit for you. 

 You should also read reviews for the software and ask for pricing to make a better decision. For example, reading Ezderm reviews will give you a more holistic idea about the software and whether you should employ it at your practice! 

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