Top 10 Monsoon Treks in India

 Trekking is all about experiencing and exploring nature. Why do people go on a trek? Our daily life routine in the city is full of chaos and hectic schedule and the weather in the cities is nothing but full of pollution. So climate is one of the reasons for which people go on a trek. People want a climatic change from their daily lifestyle, and there are many treks which we can’t do all year. So we have to plump for a perfect time at the perfect location. As every tourist who goes on a trek has the motive to explore the beauty of nature and get the eye capturing view and it can be in white snow or lush green valleys. So we are here to explore some of the most amazing treks to explore during the rainstorm to experience thrills and enjoy the picturesque view that will allow you to capture the pristine beauty of nature in different climatic regions. 


  • Mullayanagiri Trek  Trekking is overall an enchanting experience and that too in a rainstorm. Mullayanagiri Trek is the highest peak in Western Ghat and witnesses the unique flora and fauna in Chikamagalur. You will be accompanied by numerous birds on the trek and experience the heavy winds and clouds around you as soon you reach the top of the peak. The antiquated Shiva Sanctuary, roosted on the pinnacle, gives you a specific feeling of peace in the midst of an alluring perspective. 


  • Dzongri Trek, Sikkim :  One of the beautiful states famous for alpine and its subtropical climate, Dzongri trek in Sikkim is a perfect treat for nature lovers. The trek begins at Yuksom and ascends to the district of Goche la, Phedang, Bakkihm and finally reaches the Dzongri. The alluring view of Mt. Pandim, the Himalayan range and the highest peak of Kanchenjunga. The landscape view of the verdure surrounding in monsoon is pleasing to the eyes. This trail is truly a paradise for wanderlust.

  • Valley of flowers : 

Valley of flower park that is found at 12,000 feet within the West mountain range region of Uttarakhand. The Valley of Flower is one of the best creations by god which made you experience the unique flavour of flora and fauna. The valley of flowers trek of natural depression of flowers doesn’t mention way more of difficulties however additionally provides a favourable condition for trekkers wherever they produce heaps of reminiscences and therefore the astonishing surroundings with endemic flora, snow-covered fringes of the mountain chain mountains, verdure atmosphere and therefore the means attended with more glaciers and waterfalls that positively build this trekka heavenly experience for the trekkers. The place appearance and smells like heaven by the various species of wildflowers like saxifrages, poopy, lilies, daisies, zinnia, petunia, geranium, calendulas and sedums.Six day of trekking experience in the lap of nature during monsoon is a heavenly feeling.

  • Kashmir Gate Lakes : 

If you want to witness real paradise on earth then Kashmir is a perfect pick. A  perfect destination for a vacation because of its pristine beauty and clear water lakes. This trek in kashmir is a perfect treat, at the altitude of 13,750 ft. and watching 7 alpine lakes with the picturesque view of the lush vegetation decorated with the colourful flowers and the snow clads of Kashmir show different during monsoon.

  • Hampta Pass 

Manali is always an off beat destination for vacation and it becomes more of an adventurous spot because of the ideal trekking trails all over the city. So Hampta Pass is one of the most amazing trekking trails in Manali that bridges the alluring valleys of Kullu and Lahaul. This trek is always a treat for trekkers. Hampta Pass is a trek with not a more difficult trail but an adventurous  trail which is a surreal experience even for the first timers. The Hampta Pass trek is a dreamland to experience the vividly changing landscape every few hours of walking. The trek is bordered by quaint villages and toy  towns in the lap of nature. Himalayan birds with the combination of blooming orchids and foliage of alpine forest force shutterbugs to snap the pristine belle of Hampta Pass. Nestled at 14,000ft. Hampta pass will make you witness some of the snow-clad peaks, gleaming lakes, shimmering waterfalls, vedure meadows and staggering valleys. You will enjoy the adrenaline rush in your veins as you snake up the astounding Hampta Pass. 

  • Sinhagad Trek : 

Sinhgad is one of the amazing trails for monsoon and being the alluring hill fortress it offers the staggering view of sunrise and sunset. The lush green mountains with a picturesque view are a treat for shutterbugs. The monsoon is something that makes this place not less than heaven. This trail is nestled at an altitude of 4304ft. Thunderstorms in the night give you the real haunted vibe at the fort. This trek is something that should be a one time experience in the monsoon.

  • Harishchandra Ghat Trek, Maharashtra: 

Uff!! Have you ever heard of Western Ghats? The pristine beauty of Ghats will leave you in awe. Trails of Western Ghats is something that will blow away your mind and if you think that it will be something that you can chew easily then you are wrong. Harishchandra Ghat is a trek with the most difficult stretch and so the name “Cobra’s Hood” is enough to understand what it can be. The best part about this trail is that it will bring out the most alluring site for its trekkers. The view itself will fade away all your tiredness. This trek is nestled at an altitude of 4,690 ft. and the picturesque view of the valley  is always a treat for shutterbugs. If you want to get mesmerized then Konkan Kada will do the job. Kedareshwara Caves is something that will take you to the stone age period where you will witness the three broken pillars and it is to be said that if the fourth pillar falls apart then it will be the end of the Earth. This trek triples its beauty during the monsoon season and you will cherish the foliage surroundings. 

  • Indrahar Pass Trek:  

Indrahar Pass is brimming with deodar ranches, shimmering water bodies, green fields and rhododendron backwoods. This exciting excursion can take you on an outing of your life, wherever you may observe the picturesque and lavish excellence of the mountain range reaches.On your way, journey across the setting up camp ground of Triund, while wondering about the magnificence of Lahesh Caves, well known as Shepherd’s residence in winters. The Indrahar Pass journey offers you a brief look at Dhauladhar reach and Pir Panjal mountain range.Enchant by the beguiling views on the geological formation and nature’s excellence headed to the very best purpose of Indrahar Pass. This journey starts from Galu Hindu deity Temple, which is organized on the brink of Dharamshala. An ideal mix of shades of Himachal alongside venerating nature, this isn’t the most visited journey, yet, crosses the brain of a few explorers of all age bunch.

  • Pin Parvati Valley: 

Valley of Gods” Yes this is the other name for Pin Parvati  one of the oldest trails that sits in the lap of Himalayan range at a high altitude of 7,500 ft. as you will begin your trek the mesmerizing view of the trail with lush green valley will shoot up the excitement level. This trek is one of the most difficult treks in India. Thisi trek is something that will allow you to witness every possible colour of nature from snow-clad mountains, lush green cliffs and barren mountains. This trek will give you the spiritual vibe at Mantalai which is famous for Lord Shiva temple with the gleaming lake on your way up to Pin Parvati Valley. The best thing you can enjoy here is the hot spring bath in kheerganga. The ultimate feeling of campaign in the lap of mother nature during the monsoon season Pin Parvati shows different colours as the first drop of rain falls. This trek is a perfect escape from the hectic and chaotic city lifestyle.

  • Beas Kund Trek: 

Leave on an exciting traveling campaign with this Beas Kund Trek that allows you to navigate through the rich green fields and tall heaps of this beautiful area, Manali. Alleviate your faculties with the perspectives on the pleasant lake through which the stream Beas arises and detect a differentiating sight of the perfectly clear waters of the waterway, based in the midst of the eye-getting mountain pinnacles of Pir Panjal. 

Overcome the strong heaps of Himachal Pradesh and arrive at an elevation of 3,810 meters to get looks at culmination perspectives on enormous piles of Manali like Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi, and Hanuman Tibba. 

In addition, you can treat your eyes with the uncommon looks at Mt Indrasen, Deo Tibba, and all the more such tops from the Pir Panjal range, in the event that you are adequately lucky. Partake in a wonderful setting up camp meeting during the exciting journeying endeavor, when you go through the cold evening stargazing at the immense spread of ritzy night skies in your tent.

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