5 Body And Massage Oils According To Therapists

5 Body And Massage Oils According To Therapists

Whether you are a massage therapists or planning to give yourself a massage at home, massage oils will help you glide over your body without friction. When you go on shopping for a body and massage oil with iherb discount code, you find plenty of oil and creams to select from however; they may not measure up to the same purpose. Some oils may be prepared to make the skin feel greasy whereas, other may go rancid rather quickly and take over an unpleasant smell.

Jojoba Oil

Though Jojoba oil is categorized as oil, it is actually wax which is extracted from the seeds of jojoba plant. The oil of this plant is not greasy and does not leave out any stain over sheets which are not the case in true oils (except microfiber sheets). Those who are suffering from back acne will find this oil essentially beneficial as the oil is thought of possessing anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, if you use massage oils occasionally, than jojoba oil can be a good option to buy with iherb discount code as this oil is the perfect purchase because it does not go rancid easily and have a good shelf life. For aromatherapy, this oil is considered to be the best as this oil does not have any odor and is not irritating for the skin.

Almond Oil

Amongst massage therapists, sweet almond oil is the most popular massage oil. Extracted from almonds, this oil is of pale yellow color. This oil is somewhat oily which makes your hands glide easily over the skin. Rather these oils tends to absorb rather quickly but, not as quickly so that you keep on reapplying it. With respect to the oil’s price, sweet almond oil is reasonably priced and is good for your skin. You can also gain good discounts by using iherb discount code while buying almond oil.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernel oil is similar in terms of texture and color with sweet almond oil however, it costs more than it. The oil comprises of richer amounts of vitamin E which helps in making its shelf life longer. Even this oil is quickly absorbed in skin which means your skin will not be left greasy afterwards. This property of apricot kernel oil also makes it a good option for aromatherapy massage.

Fractioned Coconut Oil

When talking about coconut oil, properties that come to mind are solid and heavy oil however, fractioned coconut oil is not only light weighted but, non-greasy liquid and a good massage oil. Fractioned oil includes medium-chain triglycerides and long-chain triglycerides are removed. This makes the oil greasier and less glide than coconut oil rendering it to be most suitable for shorter strokes in massage and is most often used to release muscle tensions.

You can search for fractioned coconut oil with iherb discount code as it can be used for a long time because of its longer shelf life and is usually less expensive than other oils.  These oils also do not have the typical coconut scent.

Weleda Arnica Massage Oil

This specific oil is very famous among athletes hence you should also consider using it. It helps in warming-up your muscles and relaxing them eventually after the intense workouts at the gym.

It is made of sunflower seed oil, arnica extract and olive oil thus it is the leading massage oil in the market. After applying it, you find it heating up gradually delivering a nice warm sensation essential to get relaxed after a workout.

It has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving attributes making it the first choice for people dealing with acute body pain or any injury. This dermatologist-proved oil combines birch and flowers for relaxing muscles while enhancing your skin elasticity as well as firmness.

Unlike ordinary massage oil in the market, it is lightweight with being non-greasy hence consider buying it and live a healthy life.

Kneipp Safflower and Olive Body Oil

This oil consists of hydrated fatty acids enabling it to deliver the moisture to chapped or dry skin. It has attributes such as linoleum acid that helps in rejuvenating the affected skin.

The extract of olive rich in antioxidants cope with inflammation as well as environmental elements. As you dig out more so you find that it also comprises of grapefruit peel along with sunflower seed oil that absorb into your skin gently not leaving any greasy residue.

This oil is also ideal for dealing with any kind of scars and stretch marks that sadly lots of ordinary oils in the market fail to do so.


Above-mentioned are some leading massage oils suggested by therapists that you consider using. Unlike ordinary oils with high prices in the market, they are budget-friendly with various qualities discussed above. Hence, you should start using them and stay protected from both body pain and skin disorders.

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